Michele Bachmann Drops Out: Obama is a Socialist

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"Obama and his socialist policies must be stopped."

Michele Bachmann ended her campaign for the presidency of the United States after falling short of her Iowa caucus election goals which were presumably not “last place.”

A shell-shocked Bachmann attempted to read the word “poignant” however seemingly unintentionally uttered the alternate, far less common pronunciation of the word: “poyguhnant” as she honorably conceded the race. She did all this while not losing sight of the noble overriding goal of repeatedly reminding us that Barack Obama is indeed a socialist who is “endanger[ing] the very survival of the United States of America.”

To many of us, Bachmann’s lackluster performance in Iowa was no big surprise. Her message is too real. It is not an easy pill to swallow, especially when our pillboxes are brimming with muscle relaxers intended to make it easier to shove Obamacare down our throats. Bachmann never couched her message to appeal to a broader base. She stuck to her core philosophy and did not waver. What was that philosophy? The Anti-socialist Obama philosophy.

The sad fact is that many do not even understand what “socialism” actually entails, and why we must fight to avoid it. Socialism, in its purest form, is an ideology whose end result dictates that the government redistributes wealth to those without wealth. Sounds innocent on the surface, doesn’t it?

We already have several socialist programs in place that seem to work fairly well, right? Welfare, food stamps, and Medicaid are all examples of socialist government programs implemented in the United States today. Each and every one of these programs follow the same formula of extracting capital from the wealth creators and spreading it to those who choose not to generate wealth.

One must decide whether they want to support the Obama agenda of overtaxing the job creators and giving it to the leeches, or whether people should be able to keep what they rightfully earned through hard work.

Put another way: if given the choice between working hard for a paycheck, or oodles of free welfare money for doing nothing, which would you pick? The Obama socialist agenda actively establishes mediocracy, while at the same time punishes success. This is undoubtedly an equation for disaster, and Michele Bachmann is one of the few who tells it like it is.

In the United States of America, it used to be “a good day’s work for a good day’s pay.” The free market recognizes, and proportionally rewards for hard work and scope of positive impact on society. It’s intuitive. it’s obvious.

In 2010, surgeons made, on average, $225,390 a year. Preschool teachers made about $29,200[1]. That makes sense. The market works.


“Formal education and training requirements—typically 4 years of undergraduate school, 4 years of medical school, and 3 to 8 years of internship and residency—are among the most demanding of any occupation, but earnings are among the highest.”[2]

Surgeons not only work very hard while performing surgery, but they had to work hard just to get the opportunity to work hard. They better the world by directly saving lives. Contrast this to preschool teachers, whose qualifications barely require the competency of a well-trained dog:

“A high school diploma and little or no experience are adequate for many jobs, but training requirements vary from a high school diploma to a college degree.”[3]

It would be generous to call a preschool teacher a glorified babysitter, an occupation that literally contains the word “sit” in its title. Needless to say, preschool teachers do not work as hard as surgeons, nor do they save lives. They are undeserving of the sort of compensation a surgeon receives. These sorts of comparisons can be made across all sorts of professions:

Veterinarians ($92,570) make more than fast food cooks ($18,540), as they should.
Computer engineers ($101,600) make more than janitors ($24,560), as they should.
Sales managers ($114,110) make more than social and human service assistants ($30,100), as they should.
NFL players ($1,900,000)[4] make more than Nuclear technicians ($67,330), as they should.

Using simple math, one can easily compute their relative value to society in the following way: take the median salary of the profession you would like to compare and divide it by your salary.

For example: (Surgeon)/(Preschool teacher) = ($225,390)/($29,200) ≈ 8.

The free market has decided that a surgeon is 8 times more valuable of a contributing human being to society than a preschool teacher. Continuing the comparison, sales managers are roughly 4 times more valuable to society than a preschool teacher, and NFL players are a whopping 65 times more valuable to society and harder working than a preschool teacher.

The point here is, if the market deems an individual valueless, they should not be rewarded with socialist incentives like welfare and food stamps. Instead, they should be motivated. They should be hungry to improve their lot in life. Pick a profession. Do something.

Do not expect the hard working citizens of America to subsidize your laziness. They will not stand by and watch you eat filet mignon and lobster every day with food stamps – paid for with their hard earned money. They won’t sit idle while you drive an Escalade, with 5 kids and no job, paying for all of it with welfare checks.

If the American public won’t elect Michele Bachmann to fight this fight, please elect someone who will.

Make America Fair.

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